• 1

    Employment of new FDWs

    Our FDWs come from Myanmar, Indonesia and Philippines. These FDWs undergo strict and intensive training
    prior to their arrival in Singapore.

  • 2

    Employment of Transfer FDWs

    These FDWs can be deployed in your house typically around 1-2 Weeks.

  • 3

    Work Permit Application / Renewal / Cancellation

    This is done through the MOM website.

  • 4

    Security Bond, Personal Accident and Medical Insurance

    Employers are required to provide a $5000 banker’s guarantee and take up a personal accident and medical insurance for their FDW. We provide appropriate insurance coverage for our customers.

  • 5

    Medical Check-up

    FDWs are required by law to attend medical check-ups upon arrival in Singapore. They are also required to go every 6 months. Upon arrival in Singapore, we have a team that will send all FDWs for medical check ups prior to deploying them.

  • 6

    Settling-in-Programme (“SIP”)

    It is compulsory for new FDWs to attend Settling-In Programme (SIP) to educate them on safety precautions and living in Singapore. All FDW can only start work with Employers after they have attended the SIP.

  • 7

    Thumbprint Service

    Upon arrival in Singapore, after the medical check-up, SIP, we will send the FDW to have their fingerprints stamped on relevant documents.

  • 8

    Employer’s Orientation Programme (“EOP”)

    For "first-timer" employers, the Employers‘ Orientation Programme (EOP) is compulsory for them. The Employers’ Orientation Programme is a 3-hour programme that will help you understand your role and responsibilities as an employer of a foreign domestic worker (FDW). You can take the EOP either in the classroom or online. A classroom EOP costs $30 to $34.50 while online EOP costs $46. EOP is a 3-hour programme.

  • 9

    Liaison with Embassies

    We liaise with the relevant embassies in the application of Home Leave / Endorsement and Passport Renewal.

  • 10

    Booking of Air Tickets

    We assist in booking of air tickets for FDW’s Home Leave or one-way ticket.

  • 11

    Counselling Services

    Our experienced team provides free counselling services to the FDWs or employers if required.

  • 12

    Follow Up Services

    We focus on good after-sales service. We encourage feedback and we will occasionally check with you to understand how the FDW is coping at your household.

  • 13

    Pick Up Services

    If by any reason you need to have your FDW transferred, we will provide pick up services to your doorstep change the FDW for you along with all necessary documents for your signing and acknowledgement.